Pass through a Listing category or attribute value as part of an Add Listing link?

Hello, is it possible to create custom “add listing” links whereby I can pass a category and/or attribute value to influence the listing form that is subsequently displayed to the user?

In my case, I want to allow users to submit listings that are “offers of support”, or “requests for support”. It would be nice to have these direct links across various pages as opposed to a generic “add listing” link.


You can create attributes and link them to a specific category so that when you select a category, different attributes will be displayed.

I understand that, but what I’d like to do is send values such as a category or attribute value to effectively pre-populate the form. I’d see these values being appended to the link to the listing page/form, perhaps as GET attributes?


Unfortunately, you can’t use GET in this way; it requires a custom implementation. As a workaround, we recommend considering the Requests extension for this purpose.

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