Pay to Arrival extension for bookings


We’ve developed the extension for the HivePress community called Pay on Arrival.
With this extension, You can charge the customer website Fee and the vendor listing Fee online on your HivePress website.

Rest of Payment will be taken by Vendor when the customer arrives on the Property / Event Etc.

We also provide customization services regarding the HivePress products.
If any one needs our help or need this extension, Kindly contact us.

If this is not the right place to post this information then please guide us in the right direction to share this information.

Thank You

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Thank you. We recommend that you submit a request to our expert, and we will consider it: Customization | HivePress

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Hi Andrii

Thank You for your quick reply.

We’ve apply for the expert program and we got 89/100.
We will request you to check with the team and would like to know How we can share the extension with you so you can share with the community?

We’re also planning to make other extension for the HivePress and would like to support the HivePress community.

We just don’t know How we can collaborate with you and be a part of your HivePress Platform.

We look forward to your feedback regarding our requests. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank You for your time.

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Interesting, but…

Hivepress ‘Direct’ Payout seems to work in a similar way already😔 How to set up payouts - HivePress Help Center).

Hi umoekagodman

Let me explain the purpose of the extension:
1. What if you want to use the Stripe connect along with the Direct Payout?
2. What if Seller want to allow Both Payout option in the Listing for the buyer to choose from?

Either User can make full payment on the site and behind we use Stripe connect to handle the Payment or Buyer can choose to make a partial payment on the site and pay rest of payment on arrival.

Can we handle these scenarios with the default payout systems?
We think NO.

What our solution does is:
We Provide option to admin to select what payout methods Admin want to allows the Seller to offer to the buyers.

When Seller is making the listing, he can choose what Payout methods are allowed for this specific listing that Buyer can choose from?
As a Buyer, Buyer will select the method that is most suitable for him and make the payment accordingly.

I hope you will understand the purpose of the extension, if there is any feedback then please let us know.

We will update our extension according to user feedback.
Thank You


Interesting, could you please send me a trial version at, let me test it out?

I will give you much more valueable feedback afterwards.

Hi umoekagodman

You must have received the email from on your provided email address.
Kindly check and provide us your valuable feedback.

Thank You

Hi @andrii

We’re waiting for your feedback regarding our request as we’ve applied for as an Expert program last week.

How much time is required to evaluate our request?
We look forward to your kind response.

Thank You

Sorry for the delay.

Please let me know if you have an Upwork or Fiverr profile; if so, please send a link to it, and I’ll add your expert profile. We also plan to launch a marketplace for third-party HivePress themes and extensions but there’s no ETA yet, if you want to discuss other ways of collaboration, please drop me a line at



would love to also try this extension and see how it does… we also have some more ideas on required extensions. we can discuss more if you like

Hi @a2cowmilk

Thank you for your kind message and showing interest in our extension.
We would like to collaborate with you and we’ve already sent you an email on your email address.

Kindly check your email.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank You

I find this idea very interesting and important so if it is possible to have the opportunity to try it please send it to me by email
Afterwards we will discuss it