Payment methods do not work

Hi, Ihor.
In the window where the seller makes a request for payment, it is impossible to select the method. The method itself is created. Ihor, can you help

If you mean the checkout page this is probably related to WooCommerce because HivePress doesn’t affect this page in any way. Please make sure that the payment methods are enabled and set up correctly in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments section.

Ihor, hi.
No, everything is ok on this page. the problem is in the payout attributes. In the methods section I set up payment, for example paypal. The vendor in the profile makes a request for payment:

  1. a popup appears where he determines the amount, method and description.
  2. the METHOD attribute doesn’t work, when I click on it, there is no drop-down list and nothing happens. But the attribute is created.

Payouts have no custom attributes in the current version (only listings & vendors do), please try adding payout methods in Payouts/Methods section, then the added options should appear in the drop-down.

That’s exactly what I’m doing (just what I meant).
Payouts - methods - create method. I create a method. Then I go to the site and try to request a payment, in the window where I have to fill in the amount, method and details. In the methods field, nothing is selected. There is no method that I created. I still can not understand why:(

If there’s at least 1 method but the list is still empty the front-end is probably cached. Please try disabling third-party plugins or re-saving any payout method, the list should be refreshed.

Ihor, hi. Unfortunately nothing comes out, disabling plugins and snippets, still does not appear the choice of methods when requesting payment. Maybe a temporary solution is to remove the restriction from the mandatory choice of method when paying?

And the button “dispute” can be pressed by the user infinitely, it is so designed?

Please let me know if you added methods in WordPress/Payouts/Methods section. These are not synced with WooCommerce methods in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments, and should be added separately.
Yes, in the current version the dispute form just sends an email to the site admin (it’s similar to the Report Listing form), but we plan to implement a better dispute process (embedded into the order layout).

  1. Yes, I added methods in WordPress/Payouts/Methods section.
  2. Yes that’s right, the Dispute button should work like that, I’m looking forward to it.

In methods in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments - separately methods of payment system partners.

  1. Please send temporary WP access via email to with a link to this topic and any extra details that may help detect this issue, and we’ll check it. You can send a temporary admin access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

Ihor, hi. To continue solving the problem in the above ticket, I sent a temporary access.

Everything is working fine. The problem is solved.

  1. Ihor, I have one question here, I implement the function of the sale of the test(exam). I tried to do it through the electronic sale of the product. When a person clicks to buy, then after the purchase a link to the product appears in his personal account. It works fine. But how can I make it be a link not to the product, but to the page test (exam). Thank you again.

Let me know if you use the Marketplace extension or just WooCommerce products? If you use Marketplace and the product is generated automatically it shouldn’t be linked on the order page, it’s visibility is set to Hidden when the product is created.

I create an electronic product in woocommerce, put a checkmark on downloadable and there appears a menu for the link and need to add more products, and I need that I could sell just a link to the page (as a product).

I am interested in how I can use marketplace and woocommerce to sell the url link to the page with the test.

I will say it again, because the translation may not make the sense that I want. It works if you add a product (for example, a picture, video) then after the purchase, in the vendor’s profile in the orders tab, you can see a link to the purchased electronic product, you can also limit the validity of the link. i.e. everything I need is there, but I do not understand how it can be implemented without the product (pictures or video), but just a link to another page (test)

If you use HivePress Marketplace please don’t add WooCommerce products manually. You can enable attachments in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Selling (to sell digital downloads) or if you mean selling a secret URL you can enable Purchase Notes in settings and add any info that will be revealed after the order is paid. This way you can manage listings without adding/removing WooCommerce products manually.

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Thank you, Ihor. I will try it. :+1:
The note opens in the listing. What if I want to create a paid package for sellers that sells a secret link on purchase?

If you mean selling some restricted details to sellers (not buyers via the Purchase Note) unfortunately there’s no such monetization option at the moment, this would require a custom implementation.

Yes, that’s right. Very sad, I will look for a way. Since the option of sending the Url link to the seller manually, after he bought the package, not ok.

Although I may have found a workaround. Create a page with the exam and close it with a password. In woocommerce product there is a column in addition - product notes, which is shown only after the payment, there place the password to access the exam. True, periodically it will need to change, but this is a semi-automatic system:)

Second, in the same field to place a link to the exam, if the field allows you to enter a link and after the payment person goes to the link, which is in the tab additional.