Payments and payouts flow

reprhasing my question, since im watching the rentalhive course. few things are unclear.

  1. during the process of an order. - at the check out page there is no credit card input so where do we get the cash from, i need to add a third party like stripe for that no?

  2. how is all the fee things working? cause in the video youve charged the customer for example 2070 $ but left in the balance only 1860 where the rest is gone? to your bank account?

  3. is it possible to set the fees using the credit company for example - i have a listing which is 300$ and i charge 5% rate, which makes it 15$ - is it possible for the listing to show as 300$ and then when he pays , the money will be transferred between all accounts in a set date minus the overall rate we taking?

  4. how do i know how much money i need to return to each vendor individually?

This is some very good questions, I am thinking of purchasing this theme. I will like to know the same things.
I hope your questions are not ignored.


  1. In the video, we used the “direct bank transfer” payment option (it doesn’t require adding any credit card details) in order to make the checkout process more simpler and quicker. But as a website owner, you can set up a payment method you need. WooCommerce supports many different methods, so simply enable the one that you need.

  2. You can set up the commission rate according to your needs. Everything works like an escrow - all the funds go to the platform first and only after completing the order a vendor receives their part of funds (with a commission deducted).

  3. No, there’s no such feature. All the funds will be transferred to the platform first and after completing the order, depending on the chosen payouts mode the fund will be paid to vendors.

  4. If you use automatic payouts - you don’t have to worry about that at all because the system will calculate everything for you. If you use a manual payouts mode, you have to make payouts according to payout requests. Meaning, that you make payouts only when there’s a request from a vendor with a desired sum payout (vendors cannot request more money than they have on their account).

hello again Serhii,

  1. i see there are two rates, in the woocommerce and in the hivepress plugin, which of the two will be regarded? , also when u refer to the “platform” you mean the website bank account?

please elaborate on the specifics off the transferred to the platform part. cause i essentially gonna make the charging and payout on monthly basis.

  1. if so i didn’t understand how the fees working? he chooses a fee, for example 300$ as mentioned before, and the plugin will add my 5% percent to the fee on the page?

so customers will see on the front-end 300$ + 5% instead of the 300$ as mentioned

  1. im planning on doing so using credit companies hence point (2)

also there is no possibility to ask for a payout before a order is set to completed right?


Sorry for the late reply.

  1. I was talking about the commission rate that you can set in the HivePress > Settings > Vendors section.

Basically, your website should have a linked bank account (for this, please contact WooCoomerce or check their docs). All the money from customers first go to your account (as a website owner) and after completing the order, you can manually make payouts to vendors.

  1. If you have a commission rate 5%, then users will pay $300 and after completing the order, a vendor receives $285.

  2. No, vendors can request payouts only after completing the order. It’s necessary to protect customers and ensure that they receive service.

Thanks alot man,

I was asking those “stupid” questions so ican be 100% sure while talking to the credit companies, would see if they intergrate their system into the WooCommerce and make automated pays for me

hello there Serhii,

I’ve been running through some issues locally with the way it works.

how is the manual payout is processed? can u specify it please, its necessary for me to understand

how to explain my needs to companies in which im in need for their help? to make the payment system work. manually and automatically

edit: ive seen in a differen thread more intergrations will be added in the future. what plugins and when are they to be expected to arrive.


  1. Please check this doc How to process payouts manually - HivePress Help Center
  2. Sorry, but we cannot explain your need better than you. However, if somebody helps you with customization, we can help by providing some hints to your developers on how to customize HivePress.
  3. If you mean “in general” then the full Elementor integration will be added in the near future but there’s no ETA yet.

You can suggest new features and integrations in this section Feature Requests - HivePress Community

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