Payouts, required attributes and disappearing tags


I’m having a lot of problems, and despite my best efforts to develop my site, I’m encountering bugs that I find distressing for a theme that cost close to $100. I wish I didn’t have such problems with a paid tool.

1 - I’ve followed all your tutorials, but the “request a payout” button for manual payment doesn’t appear on the vendor interface. Yes, his account was created after the manual payment was set up, and yes, I do have two payment methods created (which were themselves created before the seller account was created).

2 - Why do the mandatory elements that hosts must fill in when placing an ad online appear as optional or as non-existent on the front-end and are visible on the back-end?

3 - And finally, why, after another 7 months, has the bug with the disappearing tags still not been fixed?

Please don’t redirect me to tutorials that don’t provide solutions. I’d like solutions that are explained for my own satisfaction as a customer.

Have a nice day.


  1. Please make sure that there’s a non-zero balance (you can try purchasing a listing from this vendor and manually marking the order as Completed on back-end), this Request a Payout link appears only if there’s a balance that can be paid out.

  2. If these are custom attributes please check if they are marked as Editable in Listings/Attributes, this option adds fields to the front-end forms while they are always available in the back-end forms for admins.

  3. This is not a bug since tags are defined by users (they can create tags by typing new ones), and deleting empty tags (those not assigned to listings) is a security measure, otherwise users can type tags and update them indefinitely to flood the database with new tags. If you want to create tags manually as a site admin please assign them directly to listings (by editing listings and adding tags in the sidebar), then they will not be deleted. Another workaround is using a snippet that disables auto-deletion of empty tags, but please be aware of the described security issue.

Hope this helps

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