PayPal as main payout and receiving payments option

Hi, is it possible to use PayPal sort of plugin to get payments and send ?
Can I just use one of the plugins?
Also if would like to add car and boat rental to Airbnb script how I can implement this so I can manage from the same account.

Regards, Kes.

Maybe somebody would be interested for a small fee to give me all help to answers and questions via emails and chats how to implement all futures what I want to add? If yes please pm :wink:

Regards, Kes


It is possible to accept payments, but only Stripe Connect is available for automatic payments. PayPal is planned for the following updates.

Please provide more information, what theme you are using, and the plugins, if it is a Marketplace extension, then you can use PayPal payouts, but manually.

P.S. If you purchased any of the themes or extensions please set the license key in the forum profile, this will enable the Premium Support badge - which ensures a 24-hour turnaround time.

So full PayPal integration very soon? And if I buy theme and plugins will get full support right? Just before purchase, can I achieve the following with one of you themes and plugins?!:

  1. Multi booking website hotels(by different types), car, boat rental
  2. PayPal integration
  3. Different subscription plans for customers (monthly/ yearly) for advertising. Also customers can access they account or modify (depends on they subscription).
  4. Subscription management with automated invoices etc.

Regards, Kes

Also what theme I better need to choose to achieve all this?

Yes, we plan to add automatic PayPal payouts feature but there’s no exact timeframe yet, although we update Marketplace more often than other extensions. Please check the support scope here Support Policy | HivePress

  1. Yes, it’s possible but it’s better to use listings as unique items or services to book or rent (like on Airbnb) rather than hotels (like on

  2. It’s on the roadmap.

3, 4. There’s no recurring billing yet, but it’s planned.

If booking features are required, I recommend RentalHive.

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