PayPal commissions for receiving or sending money

Hi everyone,

This topic for a little specific question :

Does paypal charge commissions when receiving or sending money?

Here’s why I ask:

For a manual payment, Woocommerce takes a certain commission according to criteria.
You have to fill in a bank account to receive the funds.
Then you have to send the funds to the sellers when you request a payment.
In order for the name of the transfer to be that of my platform, I think I have to transfer the money from my bank account to paypal and then transfer them to the seller.

So, will paypal charge for receiving or sending the money? If yes, I will be commissioned once by WC and once by paypal.

If it’s not clear enough I can explain better.

Thank you

Yes, PayPal charges a commission on every transaction, but you can check their terms for details. WooCommerce itself is an open-source self-hosted platform, it shouldn’t charge anything unless you use some of their services like WooCommerce Payments. You don’t have to use it, they have a dedicated PayPal gateway extension.

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Thank you for these details :slight_smile:

I’ll ask WC because some things because I don’t understand all their process.

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