Please explain pricing tiers

Please explain “Tiers”. I use marketplace and I added a few sample listings. I have added a few Tiers which to me, they are packages. I don’t understand how a buyer is unable to see this on the listing detail page. I thought a buyer would be able to see the price different price tiers on the listing detail page and select the one which they like before requesting to book. Am I missing something? Please explain. Thanks.


Pricing tiers are basically “price options”. So you can set your basic price for your service / booking and add some pricing tiers (different prices for different services).
Then users will be able to select the basic price or one of the pricing tiers (each pricing tier may offer different services, e.g., “apartment + breakfast”).

Yes this seems to be how I understand it. However, are the “price options” not supposed to be displayed on the “view listings” page so that potential buyers can select which price option they want? Why can’t potential buyers see the different price options on the listings view page? Is it a bug?

If you mean the search results page then only the basic tier price is visible, but you’re right about the UX - we’ll try to improve this and show a full price range (the max price). In the current version, all tiers are visible on the single listing page only.

No, I actually mean on the single listing view page. The tiers are not visible to potential buyers. I added 3 tiers. tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 and the system automatically picked the price of “tier 1” and made it the actual price of my service. This should not happen especially because I have an actual price, which I had initially added in the “price field” and this “actual price” is different from my tier 1 price, tier 2 price and tier 3 price. Most importantly, buyers should be able to view tier 1 price and description, tier 2 price and description, tier 3 price and description, directly on the listings view page, before choosing an option and then proceeding to book. Thanks and Cheers.

Maybe you’re using Bookings with Marketplace? If so, then sorry for the confusion - Bookings are not 100% integrated with all the Marketplace features yet, but you can use pricing extras (to add specific amounts to the base booking price depending on user choice). If you use just Marketplace, tiers will be displayed as radio buttons in the purchase form.

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