Please provide details of standard ExpertHive user permissions

What are the capabilities that users are given in the ExpertHive theme?
A new user clicked the create listing button, and upon registering, they were given contributor permission
A new users clicked the add request button, and upon registering, they were given subscriber permission.

Please outline when users are given permission, and what those permission allow users to do in the experthive theme

In HivePress, all users get the Subscriber role by default (or another default role you set in WP settings). If the user adds at least 1 listing and it is approved, they get a front-end vendor profile and their status is changed to Contributor (if the current user has a higher role, e.g. Administrator, then the status is not changed).
Hope this helps.

Thank you Yevhen. This is helpful. Does HivePress know what those roles allow users to do in the UI, across your plugins?


The capabilities correspond to the Subscriber/Contributor roles in WordPress, but users with a vendor profile or at least 1 approved listing have extra pages and forms in their account, e.g. if you have Marketplace installed then vendor users will have all the pages that regular users have (Favorites, Settings…) but also vendor-specific pages (Dashboard, Orders, Payouts…).

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