Possibility to show listing attributes in booking confirm page template


this will be a series of feature requests related to making Rentalhive more competitive vs Airbnb, Booking, and others…Some of these have been requested before, but I include all for clarity. I write them individually, so they can more easily be approved/rejected.

Booking requests:

  1. Offer possibility for guests to modify a booking after the booking has been made and before the date of check in. For example, if a guest wants to add the airport pick up option.

  2. Offer possibility to vendors to set hard rules for cancellations and refunds. For example, do NOT let guests cancel (and refund) within 3 days of check in day.

  3. Integrate better the booking information with the payment information for vendors and guests. Currently when you look at the payment information, there is no reference to the booking it corresponds to (booking number vs order number)

  4. Possibility to show listing attributes in booking confirm page template. For example, I have created a specific cancellation policy attribute (simply a text block) that displays in the listing template. It would be very useful to have the cancellation policy of a specific listing appear in the booking confirm page, so that guests pay more attention to it before booking. This has been requested before (flexibility in displaying individual attributes in different pages/templates)

Thank you

Hopefully some of these options can be implemented in future updates, even with paid extensions. If any of these are approved, please simply indicate which numbers, so we can all know what to expect.

(sorry, my premium support badge expired some days ago :slight_smile: )


Sorry for the delay. We have created a public RoadMap for the Bookings extension, so some of the features are already available there, please check this link: Bookings Roadmap (01/03/2024) – Asana. As for your other suggestions, we will definitely consider them for future additions. Also, as for the Marketplace extension, we plan to publish a RoadMap by the end of this month.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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