Posting request and listing request not working

Hello - after working with a developer to make cosmetic changes to the site (example: improving design and some layouts) the (1) Gmail login, (2) posting request functionality and (3) posting listing functionality is not working. I need help resolving this issue as the site is currently not usable until it is resolved.

Steps to reproduce

Issue 1 - signing up with Gmail login.
Issue 2 - posting a request.
Issue 3 - creating a listing.

Actual result

Issue 1 - Results in landing on an error page.
Issue 2 - user is taken to the same requests page. Request doesn’t show up in wordpress dashboard to approve nor is visible in the user dashboard.
Issue 3 - Listing does not appear in wordpress dashboard for approval.

Expected result

1 - successful signup via gmail.
2 - Request showing up in wordpress dashboard for approval.
3 - Listing showing up in wordpress dashboard for approval.

Extra details

The site is “”. Please reach out if temporary admin access is needed to further diagnose the problem.


Unfortunately, we can’t recommend a website from another developer, we only provide general recommendations. We recommend using the backup version and checking that the links work, as there is most likely a problem with third-party plugins or customizations.

It is still using the Hivepress plugins. Are you stating that this team cannot help troubleshoot sites if any customization is made?


Yes, this is beyond the scope of our support, you can see our policy in more detail at this link: Support Policy | HivePress