Pre-populate own form fields with booking number and price


I am wondering if there is a way to get the booking number and booking price (amount paid) in the form of query parameters.

I am trying to pre-populate a (Forminator) form that allows to prepopulate fields inserting the query parameter keys. I would like to prepopulate the fields “booking number” and “price”.

When opening a specific booking in your user menu, the URL shows the booking number at the end, but it is not a query parameter unfortunately.

Thank you


Please provide more details on where exactly this form should be displayed. If you are customizing the add details (booking) template, then you need a custom implementation, as there is no simple option to fill out a third-party form and replace the booking process.


I want to display this form inside a specific booking page. I mean, the page that shows in your user menu after clicking on Bookings and then selecting a specific one, for example:

I need, if possible, that booking number “1200”, but as a query parameter, or a token or something I could use for my form. And also the price of the reservation that also loads in the page.

I edited the Hivepress Booking template to change the design and include my own form. Everything works correctly. I only wonder if that data I need is available somehow.



Unfortunately, these GET query parameters are not present in the booking details URL, so this can only be done using a PHP snippet to fill in these fields in a third-party form from the context of the template.

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