Premium package & paid listing not working

Hi team, I’ve created one premium package for paid listing but after signing up, users are still getting free submission.

How can I fix that?

Thanks in advance.


Please make sure you create a package correctly, you can check this doc How to add listing packages - HivePress Help Center

If users have a package with listings that they selected before you created a new package, and there is still a limit of listings available, they will need to use it first. Please try registering a new user and if you have created the package correctly, it will be displayed for purchase.

Hi Andrii,

I appreciate your response.

I have followed the exact steps given in the video.

Here I’ve created one product firstly -
Then, created a package and assigned the product -

But, still, it is not working. I’ve already tried by signing up through a new email.


Please provide more details, for example, what you did step by step after creating this package when you logged in as a new user.

Hi Andrii,

After logging in as a new user, I’m still getting the same options that I had before in a free listing.

Here is the SS -

You can review the website here -


Please provide more details, for example, does the package selection page appear after registration and adding a listing? Because it should appear after filling out the Add Listing form.

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