Premium packages not showing up


as per the screenshots the premium packages are not appearing under packages after paying.

all is working fine, the checkout, payment, emails etc.

but the premium packages just don’t display under packages.

if there is no solution to this at the moment can you give me the css to hide the packages tab from the side menu?

Please make sure that the order is marked as Processing or Completed (payment services should do this automatically on successful payment). If you linked a product with a package and the purchase of this product is paid (Processing or Completed status), this package should appear in user’s account.

thanks ihor. it does show up after the order completes.
do you have a css snippet to hide packages from the menu in the screen shot?

the reason i ask is that the packages tab seems to be glitchy.
maybe it is a caching issue…
although my premium package appears in packages once payment is complete,
if i add a free listing, only it appears and the premium package no longer appears.
imo the orders & listings tabs give all of the same information and they look great
so i’d like to just hide the packages tab from the menu.

You can try this CSS snippet:

.hp-menu__item--user-listing-packages-view {display:none!important}

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