Preselected category (with current category value) when i add a listing

hi, i repeat my previous question once again because before 2 days there was a new version (v1.6.4) with new characteristics about category selection.

i want to know if is possible….
a user explore a specific listings, for example category “Cars” listings
a user click the “+Add listing” button on a left upper corner
on a new add listing page the category is preselected with the current category (“Cars”)

is it possible?

I don’t want for a user to select a category but the category must be preselected based on a current category.

There’s no such feature available by default, but it’s possible with customizations, if you’re familiar with customizations I hope this guidance helps:

  1. You can override the Add Listing button template part via a child theme, adding category ID to the button URL.
  2. Then you can add a custom function that filters the listing form and pre-selects the category based on the URL parameter.
  3. This may require extra debugging because the listing submission process has multiple steps.

thanks but i can’t do the customizations myself.
Maybe you can describe it analytically or add this feature (as an option) to a newer version.

Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, but we’ll consider adding this option.

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