Price attribute

Hi there,

Is it possible to be able to modify the standard listing price attribute? This would be very helpful so I can edit the price labels for certain listings.

For example, I want to be able to charge an hourly rate for one category and then a per person rate in another category but still have the total calculated for both based on how many ‘places’ at checkout. So basically I need to write 2 different price labels for the same hard coded price attribute. See image for what i mean…

If this is possible then also applying different custom text descriptions to the price attribute for different categories would be great.



Sorry, there are no such precise settings for the price format at the moment, but you can change the default price format using this snippet Change the price display format for marketplace listings #hivepress #marketplace · GitHub
You can also try using pricing extras for this purpose, it’s possible to select the extra type for each, e.g. per person (place), per day (or time slot), etc.

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