Price calculations are incorrect when booking or renting something out

Hey Hive Team,

My site will not calculate the price correctly nor include the 5% fee in the total, here are the pictures in order of actions taken.

I appreciate the help on this, the theme is great so far.

Thank you,
Eric G

Okay, I was able to fix 1 of 2 issues… (5% commission fee is not added when showing the total.)

Issue: Under payouts if you have Payout System: Direct

It will cause calculation issues when a user attempts to purchase.

Fix: Change Payout to Manual > Save changes.

Hope the team can guide me in the right direction for the Host Commission Rate issue.

Thank You,
Eric G


Thanks for reporting this; the bug with Direct Payouts is confirmed; we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

If you need an urgent solution, please let us know, and we will try to provide it.

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Hey andrii,

I’ll wait to launch until this is patched, thank you!

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