Price filter and template-specific blocks

Hello! I have two problems:
1-First of all, on the website they cannot select quantity, and in hive press I have configured that they can select

2-In the price filter the visual mode has changed for no reason, I would like it to be a line with two points (original), but I can’t find a way to do it
visor precios

3-In my Gutenberg editor the option to add the filter block does not appear when designing a page or a template, nor does the option to change the template appear

  1. I believe the quantity is only for the regular items for sale. For example, if you had more of a amazon type website selling only items, books, etc.

I think the quantitiy setting does not work for the bookings extension. With booking extension you have to find a work around maybe by using the “places” on the extra section, and change the name to quantity with loco translate. Not sure if that will work for your website, but just an idea.

  1. Go to listings/attributes Go to your price attribute and edit it. Where it says search, change it to: number range.

  2. Check in hivepress/templates/add new/publish. Then go to the settings icon on top right and open it. Go to bottom where it says template. Choose the right template. (for example Listings) The filter will only appear when you pick the right template on the bottom right. You find the filter by opening by adding a block (the icon block with the plus symbol) and then searching hivepress filter.

Ok, point one I understand.
but not the rest!

" 2. Go to listings/attributes Go to your price attribute and edit it. Where it says search, change it to: number range."
¿Where? Ican´t find
¿How made atribute price?

And the trhee point, These are the steps I always do, but I don’t have the attribute filter block

2. The price filter may be displayed this way if there are fewer than 2 listings with price set (so the filter can’t show 2 different range values, it just shows input in this case). Please set a different price for at least 2 listings and save changes, the filter should show the range slider then.
3. The search filters form is specific to the Listings template, it appears only if you’re customizing the Listings template, please try following this screencast Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

Thank you very much!!! Absolutely everything that has been answered here has worked!!!

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