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1.- bug.- when generating reservation (Link demo
and proceed to the payment, if I go back to choose another service to reserve, the previous service does not remain saved in the shopping cart, I have to generate the reservation again and it is no longer possible because if Hivepress generated the reservation, it should appear in the shopping cart to proceed to checkout.

2.- Bug.- if I generate a reservation (Link demo
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  • when entering the same service (Link demo) or another and choose a variable in the price I proceed to book, but the price that appears is that of the previous reservation, it does not appear the new value.
    If I continue the reservation and click on checkout at the time of being on the checkout page, if the amount to be paid is correct.
    I hope I explain the problem well.

Thanks for the details.

  1. This is not a bug (at least in the current version) because we don’t use the cart functionality in the theme, only the checkout functionality. Unfortunately there’s no way to process multiple reservations via the same checkout yet, this would break the commissions calculation and other features.

  2. Please make sure that you completed the checkout, in this case the current cart is cleared and the next time you view a listing or try to book it, a new price should be calculated.

I would like it to be possible for us to combine several reservations in the shopping cart, this is very useful for an event services site.
Imagine, if we reserve a room,
after a musical group,
after a dance floor,
So give a banquet
after decoration,
After we rent a car, we make a single order with all these services.

would help a lot…
I hope you can consider and explain it.

And in relation to not deleting the previously reserved amount if you don’t process the order, I think it’s not correct.
Many people make a mistake in choosing their preferences in a reservation, and it is common for them to return to the product to make changes, but it causes confusion that when making the changes and proceeding to reserve, it gives us the price of the previous reservation.
the client will think that he does not serve the site because he does not calculate correctly,

We know that the amount will be correct at checkout but the customer will not.

thank you!!

Thanks, we’ll consider integrating WooCommerce cart with bookings but unfortunately there’s no such option at the moment, this would require a custom implementation.

Please describe the steps to reproduce the repeating amount issue, if there’s a bug and we reproduce it locally it’ll be fixed in the next update.

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