Price per person per day

How to change Price per day into price per person

Tried the solution provided in the thread below but no luck. Please advise if I should share temporary login for you to have a look.

(How to change Price per day into price perperson)

Many Thanks!


If I understand you correctly, please try enabling multiple places per booking in HivePress > Settings > Bookings, which is the only field multiplied by the entered price.

Or if you mean change the price display format for bookable listings, please try this PHP snippet (How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center) - Change the price display format for bookable listings #hivepress #listings #bookings · GitHub

Hi Thanks for the revert.
So I was able to activate both the options site wide.

Wondering if there’s a way to exercise this for specific listings…

Let’s say I want a listing to calculate cost per person per day while on another its same per day for maximum number of guests stated.


Unfortunately, if you have guest settings enabled, there is no way to do this for both.

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