Prices ON for Classifieds Category / OFF for Business Category?

My site has both BUSINESS LISTINGS that should not show prices and CLASSIFIEDS that need to show prices.

Is this possible?

I have Marketplace and all the other extensions installed.

I went to HIVEPRESS>Settings and under the SELLER section selected only CLASSIFIEDS category and the pricing still shows on the BUSINESS category.


To restrict sales to specific categories, please check this doc: How to restrict selling to specific listing categories - HivePress Help Center. If you have CLASSIFIEDS as a custom attribute, you can also restrict it to specific categories. Please go to Listings > Attributes > edit attribute > and select a category on the right sidebar.

How do I create a custom attribute for CLASSIFIEDS?

I know how to create custom attributes and associate them with specific categories.

I just want the PRICE not showing on restricted categories that do not have sales such as business listings vs classified adverts.

Attached is a listing that does not have sales but PRICE is still showing.



Please provide more details on how you added the price attribute, as there are two options for restricting it, using custom attributes or the price attribute from the Marketplace.

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