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Hi, I’m currently setting up Rentalhive and have hit a wall with the pricing per property structure. I can’t see where I’d be able to build pricing around the various times of year. For example…the price per night would be different in say a peak period like June compared to an off season price such as January. From what I’m discovering, you can only set 1 price per night and this would be inaccurate as the pricing per night would fluctuate.

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Please try to use variable prices for this, you can check this doc How to enable the variable pricing - HivePress Help Center

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Hi Andrii, thanks for your response.

I’ve already enabled the variable pricing and gone through the Youtube tutorials to see if I’m missing something. By selecting this option it adds the additional ‘Daily prices’ line on the add listing form. It gives the option of selecting a day of the week and the price but I can’t see how this translates into the calendar. I would expect to see dates and months as ‘days’ don’t suggest that I could input for specific dates. For example: 1 first week in june could be a different price to second week in june but each week has the same days so how would you differentiate?

Secondly, the price per night displayed at the bottom of the advert is inaccurate as each night may be different - yet you can only put 1 price. This has become active since integrating Woocommerce so i’m guessing it’s linked to this calculation. This should really say ‘from xxx / night’ to indicate a starting amount. Is there a way to change this.

Apologies for the long message, I’m at a loss trying to figure out the structure of the the pricing for individual days. I purchased the Rentalhive theme but I can’t see on my profile where I’d place the licence key.

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Sorry, I’ve just noticed the additional profile dropdown so the licence key is now added…


  1. I recommend watching the documentation in more detail: How to enable the variable pricing - HivePress Help Center, as the video shows exactly how to set variable prices, since you were probably using Daily Prices.

  2. ​Please send more details about the issue, and we will do our best to help you.

Thanks once again Andrii, it makes things a little bit more understandable. I thought the details could be added at the point of submitting the listing rather than going in through the admin as my clients set their prices for the whole year. One more question…Is there a way of adding ‘from’ on the price displayed per night? I had originally set this as an attribute but upon integration of woocommerce, the price is over over ridden and I can’t see in woocommerce how I could change this. Is there a snippet that could be added?


Sure, please use this PHP snippet:

Hi Andrii, Thats great, Many thanks

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