Pricing structure for paid listings

My current pricing structure is as follows:

Basic Package
1 job is free to post
job expires in 7 days

Standard Package
Up to 3 jobs
job expires in 14 days

Up to 10 jobs
job expires in 30 days

My question is, if a customer buys the standard package (up 3 jobs) does that mean just they are only allowed to have up to 3 jobs posted at the same time?

Like if they have 3 jobs posted, then one expires, now can they post another one?

Or does it just mean only 3 jobs are ever allowed to come from that one account, no matter if they are active or not?

And what would stop people from just creating multiple accounts to game the system to get a free job post?


It means that only 3 jobs are allowed to ever post with this plan (it doesn’t matter whether it’s expired or not).

Nothing stops people from creating multiple accounts. Everything depends on your website policy. If you don’t require any verification and allow anyone to register, then this situation is possible.

Thanks for the response. In that case, what if an employer wants to post more than 10 jobs on there account? Are they able to sign up for another standard package or premium package to get access to more job posts?


Yes, he needs to repurchase a premium package, then he can publish ten jobs.

Ok got it. So they can just repurchase packages again and again to “top up” their ability to post jobs. Thanks

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