Problem with Google authentication


I have a problem with creating a login with a google account. I followed your tutorial on Youtube but when I test a google account to connect to my website, the Google window disappears and the site remains on the login page without having taken the google account into account.
Otherwise, for the integration settings on Hivepress for Google, I don’t have the possibility to put the secret code as it is the case in your tutorial. I don’t know if that has an impact.

Thanks for your help.

Please let me know which extension do you use, Social Login or Authentication?


I use Authentication.


This extension is deprecated, partly because Facebook & Google started restricting their JS API for authentication - unfortunately I can’t suggest anything regarding this but if I remember correctly JS API requires just a Cliend ID, without Client Secret, and the OAuth app settings don’t require any specific settings. You can also try disabling third-party plugins, this may be a cahing issue.

I recommend using Social Login extension instead, it supports more authentication methods and uses PHP API instead of JS one.

Ok, thanks for your reply.
Best regards.

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