Problem with Stripe payments


We have a problem with stripe payments.

We have set up the stripe payment method in hivepress.

We currently have two accounts : a stripe standard account generate with woocommerce and a stripe connect account.

We simply created these two accounts but as we could not find any documentation,
we did not “further set up” the accounts.

The paiements are received on the stripe standard account generate with woocommerce.
The problem is that these paiements are not transfered to our stripe connect account, which therefore can’t transfert the paiement to renters connected express accounts.

How to set up automatic transferts between our stripe standard account generate with woocommerce and our stripe connect account ?

I suppose that this is a configuration problem but, not finding any documentation either on hivepress, stripe or woocommerce on this, I am
blocked. Can you help me?

Thank you,


Please make sure you set up Stripe Connect correctly:

If you want to enable automated payouts on your website, you can set up Stripe Connect by following these steps:

  1. Create your company’s main Stripe Connect account via the Stripe website.

  2. Set its API key in the HivePress > Settings > Integrations > Stripe section (follow the Stripe docs to get the API key).

  3. Select Stripe Connect as the payout system in the HivePress > Settings > Payouts section.

Now vendors will have to create a linked express account while they add their first listing (or via the Set Up Stripe Payouts link in their account), and the profile completion form will redirect them to Stripe onboarding. Then all the earnings from completed orders will be automatically processed.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi, I did as you described but I have the same problem

Hi, I’m Gabriel from the WattYouNeed team,

We tried several settings to get work payments and transfers to connected Express Vendors accounts.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think our problem was that :

  • We used in “woocommerce/setting/payments/payments-methods/stripe” the secret Stripe key and the public Stripe key of the Stripe Standard account generated with Woocommerce.

  • Instead, we should have used the secret Stripe key and the public Stripe key of the Stripe Connect account.

This way, we only use the Stripe Connect account which automatically transfers payments to sellers and keeps the commission.

I hope I’m not wrong and that this can help the many people mentioning this problem.

Hi Gabriel, actually I use the api keys from the Connect account but still transfer the money to the wrong one

Hi Jantocar

Oh that’s strange !

If you used the API keys from Connect in Hivepress intergration and woocommerce paiements then make sure the good account is connected to woocommerce in woocommerce/setting/payments/payments-methods/stripe

If it still don’t resolve the problem, then I guess we didn’t have the same one :frowning:

I hope it could help you anyway.

Hi Gabriel, thanks to get in touch! I try to explain better:

  • Hivepress / Settings / Integration / Stripe > API Key from the Stripe Standard account that got sellers account linked,

  • WooCommerce Payments (not Stripe Gateway ) has created an Express account for my platform as well and send money to this account, not the one i set in Hivepress,

  • If I use Stripe Gateway ( the pic you posted up ) the cash will go in the right account, but without the “destination” field to go in the right sellers account, plus the secuiry deposit it’s charged as well.

That’s really weird!!!

Hi Jauntocar,

I see, I think that you should indeed use the Stripe Gateway.

I don’t really see a solution if it doesn’t transfers the paiement to sellers account knowing that :

  • the order is completed
  • sellers express accounts connected (and creation of sellers express accounts fully finished → stripe not asking more info to finish creation)

You can try to dessactivate automatic transfers to your bank account :

If it still doesn’t work I have no idea how to solve your problem.

Good luck !

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Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for you time to replay. However if I use Stripe Gateway the security deposit will be charged as the amount of the booking; then If I have to refund this security deposit Stripe will take the difference > example : 100€ reservation + 200€ security deposit > Stripe will take the commission on 300€ instead of 100€ > then when I’ll have to transfer 200€ back to the buyers Stripe will take other commission as the difference from the total > so if the user would take 100€ - normal commission = 98€ > the total after refund of the security deposit > 89€ . That’s not how I would like to manage the flow system so I’ll investigate ahead… but yes that’s really weird!

Thank you again for your time!


Yes I see the problem, it’s because at the moment hivepress seems to debit the customer with the deposit amount instead of just taking a bank imprint.

As a result, Stripe takes a commission on the payment they have to transfer (even though they pay it back in the end).

To solve this problem, the Hivepress team needs to change the deposit method from a refund debit to a bank imprint. I guess we will have to wait for such updates.

Thanks for the details. Yes, if you want to use Stripe Connect for automatic payouts then using Stripe gateway is required, using WooCommerce Payments will not work if they create an Express account for you. Stripe Connect is linked to your standard Stripe account so payments sent to the express one will not reach the Stripe Connect balance.

We’ll try to resolve the deposits issues, currently deposits are processed like regular WooCommerce refunds (we just call the WooCommerce API to issue a refund).

@Gabriel-WYN Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

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I understand, resolving it would be a great improvement for the extension !

Thanks for your work :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, it’s a pleasure to help !

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