Profile button leads to change in wordpress account

Hi, so when I click the profile button and input the details and a picture for signup, the account that is created is for Wordpress, not the website which I signed up through.

Steps to reproduce

Go to profile page, input needed details, and press save. You should see that you’ve actually created a Wordpress account or updated your Wordpress details.

Actual result

Please see above.

Expected result

The result should be that the account is simply created for the website and not wordpress.

Extra details

Add a link to your site, screenshots or any other details that may help us pinpoint the issue.

Please send more details about this issue - what do you mean by “account is created for WordPress”? Our themes and plugins are based on WordPress so any user registrations are added to the WordPress/Users section of your WordPress installation.
Any extra screenshots or details may help to reproduce and resolve this issue.

Hi Yevhen, thanks for your feedback.
Here are some more details about the issue, the below screenshot is showing the profile page, I got here by clicking ‘adilhashmi5’ on the top right. The screenshot below that is showing me changing the name and profile picture to something. The third and final picture is after I press ‘save’ and refresh, as you can see in the top right, the word press picture is changed.

Also, I cannot access editing this page from the pages section in the editor, any idea on how I can access editing this?

I would appreciate your help!

2nd pic

Third pic

Thanks for the details. This is not a bug - if you upload a custom profile image it has a higher priority within the current site and replaces the default avatar you set via or gravatar (this image is not changed in your account or on any other sites).
Also, the top toolbar shouldn’t appear for regular users at all, if you register as a new user via the front-end registration form there should be no editor toolbar.
Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot! I see that when I leave Wordpress and comeback, it is not saved on Wordpress anymore.

One more question about this page, would you know how I can access it for editing? Because I do not see it in the ‘pages’ section in Wordpress editor.

It’s a static template generated by the plugin, it has no instance in WordPress/Pages, but there are 2 ways to customize it:

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