Profile form appears after creating vendor manually

Im using Experthive Theme

The situation:
A user created account through the front-end and I manually created the Vendor Profile through back-end and fill in information and uploaded photo

But when the user login and click on add listing, the user had to register profile again which is confusing because I already did for them through the back-end. And also end up having 2x Vendor account in the back-end

Is there a way to stop/disable user from register vendor profile and can only register through back-end?

Please make sure that you linked the vendor profile to this user correctly, and that all the required fields are filled for this profile. If at least 1 required field is not set, the Complete Profile step will appear. It may also appear if you use Stripe Connect, it prompts the user to create a linked Stripe account this way (using a further redirect).

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