Profile reviews required

We really need to be able to review the profiles as well as the listings. this is a big downside that needs addressing asap.

Please let me know if you mean moderation (reviewing the vendor profile before it appears on the site) or reviews from the Reviews extension?

I think he means the ability to rate the user as well as the vendor. For example, in my site, not only should the host be reviewed/rated, but also the renter (user) can be reviewed/rated by the host (after booking).

Work around this is for the host (vendor) to just reply to the user’s (renter’s) review (for instance if he gave the host a bad review), however, that wont let other host know that the renter has poor reviews from ex hosts, so they can decide whether to take a booking from that troublesome person. However, Im not sure how practical this is because the renter can just create a new profile to erase the bad reviews. The host can also delete their listing and start a new listing to erase bad reviews.

Thanks for your feedback, currently regular users don’t have their own profile pages (and reviews), but these features are on the roadmap, we’re aware that it’s important for two-sided marketplaces.

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