Purchase Note for Requests


  1. after installing the marketplace extension, I can’t find anywhere the purchase note…after user accepts offer, the purchase note should display to both the buyer and seller to give private information for contact.

  2. The main thing is to hide private information and provide it to both seller and buyer. Kindly guide how I can display these attributes
    I have seen so many people on the forum asking for this


  1. Purchase notes for clients are displayed in Account > Placed Orders.
    For vendors in Account > Received Orders and admins in WP Dashboard > WooCommerce > Orders > Customer provided note.

  2. Please try to use bookings attributes, you can check this doc How to add booking attributes - HivePress Help Center

Hello, I need further assistance on this

  1. In my understanding, booking notes are not available in creating requests’ - but are available in creating listings.
  2. I have created attributes but I am using ‘Requests extension’ How can these attributes be displayed after order is completed?
  3. I need to have both the vendor and merchant get each others private info upon completion of order.

(Can we have the purchase note on both the request form and the listing form at least. Then both can appear in order form)

On a diffrent issue

  1. I am NOT selling listings. only requests. So I have marketplac for this purpose. How do I remove
    a) The 'buy now ’ button on the listing
    b) The ‘price’ on the listing form. (to be not visible and not required.)



  1. Yes, requests do not have a booking form, so they cannot be booked.

  2. Please provide more details on the purpose of creating such a field. To collect additional information from users, you can use the order requirements or request attributes.

  3. Currently, only the purchase-booking note feature is available. Additionally, you can enable the Share the buyer details with sellers feature in HivePress > Settings > Orders so that the seller can see the information, such as the address, the user provides on the checkout form.

  4. If the functionality available in the Requests extension is enough for you, you can hide the form and price using CSS and PHP snippets.

Also, you can restrict the categories that will be sold in HivePress > Settings > Listings >Selling.

  1. I now understand the flow of sharing private information. But there is a big gap when using requests in that we cannot be able to share seller information with buyer, we can only share the buyer information to the seller. (is this something you can fix?)

2.Please assist with css/php snipets to hide the ‘buy now’ button and ‘price’ on listings
(to be not visible and not required.)

  1. Yes, there’s no way to do this automatically unfortunately because requests have no Purchase Note feature yet. This may be possible, but this would require advanced code customizations.

  2. Please try this CSS snippet:

.hp-listing__attribute--price, .hp-form--listing-buy {display:none!important}

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Thanks for the reply. Hope you will consider the purchase note for requests soon

The snippet works fine

Please on an earlier post you provided a snippet to hide ‘reply to listing’. It works fine but the icon is still not hidden so users can reply to listing here. Kindly provide snippet to hide the icon too

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You can try this CSS snippet:

.hp-listing__action--message {display:none!important}

Thanks for the snippet.

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