Quantity Discussion

How could I set the quantity of a listing to per day? For all of the listings each listing has several trips available. For example, a snow boarding trip has 4 spots available each day from January 1st-30th.
How can I set the quantity to each day instead of total quantity so when those 4 spots are booked, that date and that date only will black out?

There may be 2 solutions:

  1. Enabling time slots and setting the time slot duration to offer 4 slots per day.
  2. Allowing multiple bookings per time period in settings, then the max number of places will limit concurrent bookings. If you also limit the max booking length to 1 day it should be ok.

Yevhen, the second one works for if the person booking fills all 4 spots, but if someone books 2 spots then the day blacks out even though there should be 2 spots left to fill.

Please make sure that the “Allow multiple bookings per time period” option is checked in HivePress/Settings/Bookings. If you set the booking capacity to 4 and booking with 2 places still blocks the date range, please send temporary WP access with details for reproducing this issue to support@hivepress.io and we’ll check it for you.


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