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Hi… we are building the car dealership website and everything is perfect but we miss the important part of our website structure.

We have attributes for brands, body types , fuel types and other features

And we have a separate page for each attributes and we want to include that particular attributes related posts in each attribute pages.

Example: we have a page for petrol cars. In that page we need to show only petrol car listings.

It’s very important so kindly help with codes or any other options… I am not asking about elementor query filters… this I know already but I want to build with block editor ( Gutenberg)


Kindly provide some solution


You can already do this if these attributes are selectable (e.g. Select, Checkboxes or Radio Buttons), there’s an option to make the attribute Public, so every option will have its own page with related listings and a SEO-friendly URL. If you mean building these pages via the editor, it’s not possible yet because there are no attribute filters in the Listings block settings yet, but we plan to add this feature.

Is there any shortcodes to show attribute related posts in a particular page?

Suppose if we want to include two attribute related posts let’s say city and brand name in a page then how can we achieve this?

And one more thing, can I change or rename the custom post type ‘Listings’ to ‘Cars’ or ‘Used cars’ something like this?


  1. This feature is not yet available, but we plan to add it. Now, this will require a custom implementation. Please also check the availability in the Listings block filter. Now, this will require a custom implementation.

  2. I recommend using Loco Translate for translation: How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center
    Regarding the slugs, please check this doc: How to customize URL structure - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

As you said, changing the post type ‘listings’ to ‘cars’ using loco translate, will it change the slug name also? Or will it remain same as previous (example.com/listings or example.com/cars ) ?

Is it possible to have a clean url for submit listing page?

Instead of example.com/submit-listing/details/ to



Regarding the slugs, please check this doc: How to customize URL structure - HivePress Help Center

As for the add listing URL, please check the solution in this topic: Change submit-listing URL.