Questions about icon, font size and loco

  1. How do I change the login icon?
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2.How to change font-size depending on the screen size. (phone, tablet, computer…)

When i translated location in loco it changed in the searchbar as we wanted. It also changed the list attribute. We would like to have two different titles and how do we do this?

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list attribute:

  1. It is easy to change the icon itself with this CSS snippet:
.header-navbar .hp-menu__item--user-login i::before{
content: "\f2f6";

Please try to change f2f6 with some icon code which you can find here

  1. To change font size depending on the screen size please try to use media queries Using media queries - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

  2. You could try to change placeholder for Location field in search bar with this PHP snippet Change the Location field placeholder in the listing search form #hivepress #geolocation · GitHub

Hello mr Yevhen.

when I added the following code:

.header-navbar .hp-menu__item--user-login i::before{
content: "\f090";

f090 didnt work only the orginal f2f6 did. I tried to add any other icon code with no success.

I want to change the paragraths on my site and my code doesnt do anything. what is wrong with my code?

  /*phone */ 
@media only screen and (max-width: 672px){
		color: red;
  1. Please make sure that you copy the icon code from this URL Search v5 Icons | Font Awesome
    I have tested it locally and it seems to be ok. For example, I have tried to change to this icon code f2bd in this way
.header-navbar .hp-menu__item--user-login i::before{
    content: "\f2bd";

Here is a result Screenshot by Lightshot

  1. Please try to add !important CSS property Specificity - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN
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How come f2f6 returns an arrow into a square on my site, and an arrow into a circle on other sites?

Some of our themes use Line Awesome instead of Font Awesome so some icons may not be available, also there are different versions of icon sets Line Awesome — Free Beautiful Icon Font

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Thank you !important worked

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