Real estate rentals & buying

is it possible to have the real estate listings be rentals and buy? or would you recommend creating 2 separate listing categories?

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It’s necessary to create two separate listing categories, one for sale and one for booking.

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currently it is rentals by default for real estate on listing hive.

so booking is not required for that and you wouldn’t use booking for buying real estate.

what i am asking is can you create an attribute to select between buy/rent just the same way you
can select home/apt/room from the current default listing?

in other words, you select buy or rent.

if it is buy you can also select home or apt.

if it is rent you can select home, apt or room.

is this not possible to create for some reason?

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There are two ways:

  1. You can indeed create a custom attribute to filter listings by it. But in that case on all the listings will be only the “Reply to Listing” button and after contacting with the property owner, a customer can agree on whether it’s booking or buying. But in this case there will be no booking calendar, platform commissions and so on.

  2. Create two separate categories. One for sale and another for booking. In HivePress settings you can choose which categories have a booking functionality and which don’t.

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