Recaptcha doesn't work

I keep getting the ERROR for site owner: Invalid key type
Recaptcha has moved on to Enterprise where they give you just 1 key and you can ask for a Legacy key. That didn’t work.
Then I followed this YT video link and found that the old key pair can still be made separately from Enterprise. But neither V3 or V2 make any difference. I still get the same error.
I have removed all Recaptcha keys from the site and removed the site name from Google Recaptcha, but I still get the Error under Create new user! I’m stuck in limbo. Nobody can make a new registration because the Reacptcha won’t go away!

Thank you for waiting. We have checked this issue, and the bug with reCaptcha Enterprise v3 is confirmed. But as a temporary solution, it is possible to use reCaptcha v2 like in this instruction. How to enable Google reCaptcha - HivePress Help Center

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