Recommended theme with calendar

Hi, I’ve been working on a project for some time and have gotten to a point where Im not sure how to continue. My client needs a website where people can:

  • Post their profiles for other users to visit
  • Post services
  • Post new and used products
  • Post events
  • Check a calendar of said events

Can someone please tell me which extensions do I need to accomplish this and how to make them work alltogether? Thank you in advance!


To achieve the functionality your client needs, we would recommend using one of these themes: ExpertHive, TaskHive, or ListingHive.

As for the extensions, you might want to consider using the following ones:

  • HivePress Bookings
  • HivePress Requests
  • HivePress Messages
  • HivePress Reviews
  • HivePress Geolocation
  • HivePress Paid Listings
  • HivePress Social Login

Hope this is helpful to you. Good luck with your project!


Thank you nikita!

I have one last general doubt. Don’t know if I should start a new thread. It’s regarding Elementor and if there’re shortcodes provided by Hivepress to add elementes such as the Listings button.


We currently don’t 100% support Elementor - while you can add HivePress blocks via Elementor, advanced features are not available yet. I highly recommend using the core WordPress block editor to keep the website fast and lightweight.

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Thanks for your comments andrii. So far I haven’t had major issues. What I couldn’t find is a directory of all the URLs that ListingsHive has, like:

Is there something like that? Cause instead of needing that “Listings” button, I just created one with Elementor and added the link myself. The issue is that if I don’t have all the links I need to run the website, I cna’t provide access to users.


Unfortunately, this is not possible because these are dynamic menu items that are displayed based on the user’s role and the content they have added (e.g. messages or listings). Also, please note that we can not help with configuring third-party plugins.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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Thanks for your response. What I meant is if there is a directory of all custom links HivePress has. For example I know this is the link to post a new listing: /submit-listing.

I was just wondering if the other links could be found somewhere. Im not asking you to help me configure the plugin, Im just trying to find the way for users to select a package before publishing.

Thanks a lot for your time!


Unfortunately, this is not possible because each extension generates its URLs. If you can provide more details on why this change is needed, we may be able to provide you with a workaround.

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Ok, thanks andrii. All Im trying to do is to allow users to create listings after paying for a plan that allows them to do so.

At this moment, when a user wants to publish, they just can do it for free. What Im trying to do is to make the Paid Listings extension to work in this case. I’ve followed the steps on the video tutorial you guys provide, but I couldn’t make it work.

Im not using the “Create listing” button of your plugin but a custom button for this.


If I understand you correctly, you are trying to create a custom Add Listing process. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution here because, for example, the Select Package page is embedded in the /submit-listing URL. Could you kindly clarify the reason for creating a personalized Add Listing form URL? Then maybe we could provide you with another solution.

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Hi andrii, thank you for your patience.

To be honest, I had some issues with the header so I created one on my own. The default one was complicated for me to edit. By doing that I lost the “add listing” button the default header has and now Im trying to make this feature work with the Elementor menu I created.

I wouldn’t even mind returning to the default theme but I couldn’t find a way to do that either.


You can try disabling Elementor and see if the header is displayed as before. Alternatively, you can add a custom link in Appearance > Menus with the /submit-listing URL. Also, a third option is to use the WP Reset plugin, but it will delete all data, and the site will be displayed as in the demo.

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Yes adrii, that’s exactly what I did. I added to the menus the “/submit-listing” URL. My issue is that the no payment plan is popping up when the user clicks that button.

User can sumbit right away and we need to offer them different plans before they can publish.

I haven’t shared any links. Don’t know if it helps but here it is just in case:


Please note that the Select Package page appears only after you complete the Add Listing form, and the checkout page appears after selecting the package. Also, if the Select Package page does not appear, there may be two other reasons:

  • no packages have been created

  • you have created a listing and specified a category that is not tied to a package

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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Thanks a lot andrii! It’s working now. As you said, the packages show after configuring the listing.

One last question. Is there a way to separate packages besides their category? For example one package will allow the user to publish with video and the other one just with image.

Once again thank you for your patience. You’ve helped me understand some features better, I appreciate it.

Im sorry for multiple times saying it was my last question andrii. TBH I have some other doubts.

  • We are currently registering new users but they don’t show as vendors. Are we missing some kind of configuration?

  • Finally, is there a way to limit how many images and/or videos a vendor can upload for a listing?


Unfortunately, there is no other way; it requires a custom implementation to make such changes.

To become a vendor, a user must have the minimum Contributor role.

Sure, please use this PHP snippet ( How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center ) - Change the maximum number of images per listing #hivepress #listings · GitHub

I believe this will be useful to you.

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Ok andrii. Regarding the Contributor role, how do I assign it to the created account? This is probably my last question for real.


There are three ways you can create a vendor in our system:

  • through the add listing form - as soon as the user has at least one published listing, he automatically becomes a vendor

  • through the direct registration function How to add a vendor registration form - HivePress Help Center

  • through the backend by first creating a user in WP > Users with contributor role, and then creating a vendor (host) in WP > Vendors (hosts) and selecting this user.

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Thanks for your clarity andrii. You’ve helped me a lot during this process.