Recurring permalinks problem

Hello, for a few weeks we have found a recurring problem with permalinks. We must update them every 3 days, otherwise the listing link goes into error 404.

Last year we translated the slugs via htaccess. But we recently removed the links that can be edited directly through the wordpress back-end (listing and category). Can this impact the permalinks created by your plugin? The problem arose not long after.

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Steps to reproduce


Actual result

redirect to 404 error when permalink no refresh (all 2 at 3 days)

Expected result

permalinks not need to be refresh alltime

Extra details

Add a link to your site, screenshots or any other details that may help us pinpoint the issue.


Thank you for the detailed information.

Please note that HivePress only generates post_types and taxonomies. All linking URL generation occurs on the WordPress and server sides.

We recommend checking the htaccess file in more detail to ensure it is configured correctly. You can additionally check mod_rewrite and disable all third-party plugins that can overwrite\reset the htaccess file.

Also, we recommend not editing the htaccess file directly because WordPress can reset this file even if you save the settings (all URLs can be changed in the WP settings).

​I hope this is helpful to you.


We believe it is from litespeed… we disabled it for 4 days and nothing happened, and the problem reappeared the day we re-enabled it… we will check this with other bugs caused by Litespeed.


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