Redirect Add Listing button to the login / register page

Hi, i would like to change the ''list a service" button at top right of the page to redict to user login/register as opposed to the vendor login/ register. Also when the users login they should not see the “add details page” they should go to the add profile details page where they can upload their profile picture etc.

in my screenshot youll notice its chnaged to “sign in” thanks

If the user is not logged in and is on the main page, it will always be a login or registration form after clicking on the Login/Sing in button (if it is a user, not a vendor).
The next step will be the vendor-specific form registration, Complete Profile (appears only if there is at least one required vendor attribute or if a snippet requires some field, for example, the first name).
And the last step is the Add Details form.
Therefore, there is no need to make additional changes.

You must be confusing. the “sign in” button in the screenshot provided was originally the add listing button. which is vender specific. I don’t want the user “sign in” button located in the menu navigation bar in grey to be there. I want to replace the “add listing” button with + sign at the far right to be a regular sign in button for regular users. at this time when I click on it, it takes you though the vendor process, add listing, profile etc. I simply want it to be user sign in sign up button. thanks

It’s possible, but this would require customizations (overriding the Add Listing button template part via a child theme), also you’d have to add the Add Listing button somewhere else because this is the only place where it’s embedded by default.

Another solution may be using this snippet to get the old account link (that appeared to the right of the button) and style it via CSS tweaks Log in and register button is gone - #4 by ihor


Since the last my account dropdown menu update, my post a request link in the top moved all the way to the right side of the header. I want the add listing button to the right and not the post a request link. How can I move the post a request back to the left of the add listing button? Thanks!


Please try these CSS snippets:

.header-navbar__actions .hp-menu.hp-menu--site-header {
	flex-direction: row-reverse;

.hp-menu--site-header .hp-menu__item:not(:last-child) {
    margin-left: 2rem;
    margin-right: 0;
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Thanks! That worked perfect!

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