Redirect error


I bought the social login extension but I can’t get the login to work with google. I did what was said in the other topics. I entered the redirect url, put my url in the java field in google developer console but it doesn’t work and always gives me the error:

Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch

I entered the client secret and client id into the fields in the integrations. Furthermore, a button has automatically been inserted that I can’t remove in the login and registration area.
The google API tutorial corresponds to an old version of the plugin so it’s not very helpful. Attached photos

Could someone help me remove that sign in above and get the login and registration working?


It seems that the old Authentication extension is still enabled, please remove it in WordPress/Plugins to hide the duplicated button. To fix the redirect error, please copy the redirect URI in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration and paste it in the Google OAuth settings.

P.S. If you purchased a theme or extension, please enter the license key in the forum profile settings, this will enable the Premium Support badge and ensure a 24-hour turnaround time.

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