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Hi, I don’t know if this exists already, but I could not find it so far.

But I would like to see the feature that directly after a user has created an account, it would redirect the user to the account setup page, so that they would have to include all the mandatory information to their profile.

For regular users, you can move fields like first & last name to the initial form using this snippet Add first and last name fields to the user registration form #hivepress #users · GitHub
For vendors, you can use custom attributes in Vendors/Attributes, if you mark them as editable and required then users who try to become vendors (e.g. they try to add a listing) will have to fill in these details.

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Than you, this helps a lot!

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Thanks for this! Is there a way to set registration such that in order to use their account/after verifying the emails, users have to fill out the required information (in our case, first and last name and photo/avatar) before proceeding? In our current scenario, user verifies their email and is brought to account settings, but can navigate away and use the rest of the site (including checkout) without adding information to their profile. I suppose an alternative to this would be to use your code above but also have them add a photo at registration? Thanks for the consideration!

Yes, it’s possible with the suggested code snippet (to move the first/last name to the initial registration form) but unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this for the profile photo, because all the uploaded images in WordPress must be associated with some used ID.

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