Region not deleted from URL when location field is cleared

The URL is not updated correctly when a location search is cleared: the Region key remains in the URL. I am using Google Maps.

For instance, when I first search for Amsterdam I get results as expected:

while this is the url (correct):


Then when I delete Amsterdam and use a seach term like chocolate (which are not present in Amsterdam, but are in other cities) I get no results:

because the url still contains the Region key (please note that latitude, longitude and location have been cleared correctly):


Removing the Region key from the URL (or if I would have searched for chocolate from the beginning) will give me the results of chocolate listings in other cities:

Is this a bug or is Google Maps not installed correctly?


Thank you for your feedback, we are aware of this bug and it has been added to the RoadMap and will be fixed in the next updates.

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