Register Rest API adjustment

I am wondering if I can use the Register Rest Api without captcha and terms & conditions even if these are required through wordpress dashboard? Can i change this somehow for the api requests as I am currently getting these errors?

    "error": {
        "code": 400,
        "errors": {
            "required": {
                "message": ""_terms" field is required."
            "0": {
                "message": "Captcha is invalid."

Thank you!

Yes, you can try to pass the “_terms” parameter with “true” or “1” value with the request, and also add a code snippet to unhook the reCaptcha callback from the form validation hook (e.g. with a condition that works for your external request).

Thank you so much for the quick answer, yes it worked perfectly for the first part regarding the _terms, but not sure how can I do that for the reCaptcha?

Is there anyway I could get an update on this one?

Sorry for the delay. reCaptcha is set using these 3 callbacks If you’re familiar with coding you can remove them using remove_filter function, but only if it’s a REST API request from your application.

Hope this helps

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