Registration only for specific domains (like for instance

How can i grand users with a certain (company) e-mail address to register and how do i monitor this? Is there a code snippet to do this?

Please check this topic No-Bot Registration | HivePress Support

Hi, may be you can help me. With the use of the script on Allow registration for certain email domain on WordPress - CodeSpeedy i can filter new registrars for the site and get the green light (see screenshot were a registration is stopped), but only through the WordPress registration form. When I try it through the use of the registration form of rentalhives form, nothing happens and a new user with an e-mail domain that is not allowed can register?!?
RentalHives is using the same login and registration form as WordPress, i read in the documentation. But why is this not working?

Yes, we use the same functions and the default WP registration form but I guess the plugin you’re using is applied to APIs specific to the default form, so it doesn’t work for the front-end one.

If there are only a few allowed domains, you can try using this code snippet instead of a plugin. The current code snippet accepts only Gmail and Yahoo email domains on the registration form but you can change them by your requirements:

	function( $errors, $form ) {
		$email = $form->get_value( 'email' );

		if ( $email && ! in_array(
			hivepress()->helper->get_last_array_value( explode( '@', $email ) ),
		) ) {
			$errors[] = 'error text here';
		return $errors;
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