Registration process with Authentification

We have now set the Registration process as follows:

  1. User needs to add First and Last Name and a Password

What options in the Registration process exist.

  • Is it possible that we as Owners of the Website receive an email in order to enable the Account ?
  • If not, how can we make sure that no Fake emails are setup? Can we send a Verification Email to the User and he needs to click on a link in order to confirm his Email Address?

There’s no option to approve users manually (it’s possible for vendors via approving their listings, though), but you can enable email verification in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration/Email.

HI Yana,
This works now. Hivepress sends two Emails:

  1. one where i have to click on a link and confirm the Email Adress. Is there any chance to customize it?
    The Email that is sent looks like this:
    Hallo, tpferdmenges! Bitte klicke auf den folgenden Link, um deine E-Mail-Adresse zu bestätigen:

Please try to edit this email in HivePress/Emails. Please choose Email Verification as the event type. Here is a tutorial How to customize emails - HivePress Help Center

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