Regular user has make an offer on their request

Make an offer button shows up on regular users request. I’ve gotten feedback that this is confusing. How do I remove it?

It’s possible to hide it if the current user is the request author, but it is recommended to leave it as is because we already tried to hide it, and many users were confused because when the button is there it indicates that the request is active and accepting offers.

	function ($blocks, $template){
		$request = $template->get_context('request');
		if(!$request ){
			return $blocks;
		if(get_current_user_id() !== $request->get_user__id()){
			return $blocks;
		return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
					[ 'blocks' => $blocks ],
						'blocks' => [
							'offer_make_link' => [
								'type' => 'content',

I’m not sure I understand. You are saying that some users wanted it there because they were confused? users on my platform are confused about that being there when it’s irrelevant to their job posting. I will implement it and see feedback.

Also, is there anyway that the user can edit their request? For example if they forgot details to add Or do they have to delete it and reupload it all the time?

Yes, we deleted it in one of the Requests updates but there were many complaints that users don’t understand if their request is active and accepting offers. The button is visible, but it won’t allow users to make an offer to their own request anyway (there will be an error if they try to make an offer). We’ll consider adding an option to show or hide this button so there will be a solution for both cases.

Unfortunately there’s no way to edit the request after it’s published in the current version, but we plan to add it, there may be a possible security issue if the request is edited after an offer is added (e.g. customers can change the request description after the offer is made, or the order is created - we’ll try to find a solution for this, possibly blocking editing after the first offer is placed).

Ahh, yes. that makes sense

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