Remove/Hide Desktop Top Menu and Mobile Humburger Menu (conflict with MEGA MENU plugin)

How to remove/hide or disable default top Menu and Humberger Menu for Desktop and Mobile in Landscape and Portrait mode because I’m using WP third-party Mega Menu and Max Mega Menu plugin and it has conflict with hivepress default theme menu and when users click on default hivepress humburger menu webpage is freeze and not working till user manually referesh page.

Please try this CSS snippet but please note that it can require further customization

	display: none !important;
	display: flex !important;

I’ve clear cache several times, it’s not disappearing menus.
Would you please help what’s wrong

Please try this CSS snippet instead

.header-navbar__burger, .header-navbar__menu{
	display: none !important;

I’ve try it, but not working and disappeared all menus!

Yes, this snippet hides all the HivePress menus, if the plugin you’re using inserts its menu inside the HivePress wrapper .header-navbar__menu then it’ll also be affected. This would require inspecting and customizing the menu HTML markup on your site futher.

It’s a bug in your default menu in hivepress theme, because I’ve try it with several third-party WordPress popular menus like Mega Menu and Max Mega Menu and it has conflict with them.
You can try it, when you activate Mega Menu on default Hivepress Theme the humberger menu is still working and if you click on Hivepress humbergur menu the page is freeze and not working any more till refreshing whole page!

Thanks for the details. We’ll check this conflict and try to resolve it, incompatibility with third-party plugins is rather not a bug unless we advertise integration with some specific plugins (like WooCommerce), there are thousands of plugins created by different developers so it’s not possible to guarantee 100% compatibility with all of them, but we’ll try testing the most popular ones.

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Thank you. Yes, if you test it with most popular plugins it’s great. Also I suggested to create Hivepress Professional Mega Menu plugin only for hivepress that supports useful and popula features for listing website like sticky menu, search in menu, sticky search menu, and more…


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