Remove "Listing Count" on categories

Hi, The displayed categories come with a “count” e.g 6 listings, 3 listings, etc in the picture placeholder. I would like to change the word “listings” for “shops” or any other word other than “listings”. If that is not possible I’d rather do away with the picture altogether. I’m guessing this is the bit that prints the counts.

<?php // Exit if accessed directly. defined( 'ABSPATH' ) || exit; ?>
<?php printf( esc_html( translate_nooped_plural( hivepress()->translator->get_string( 'n_listings' ), $listing_category->get_item_count(), 'hivepress' ) ), $listing_category->display_item_count() ); ?>
Thanks in advance.

Please try to use Loco Translate. This string is available in the Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress section. Also, you can follow this tutorial How to translate an extension - HivePress Help Center

I’m not looking to translate languages. I just don’t want the total number of listings printed. For example, under real estate it says “6 listings”. I want it not to show.

If you want to hide the listing count for categories then please try this CSS snippet Hide the listing count for categories #hivepress #listing-categories · GitHub

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