Remove second half of booking time listing slots


i need to remove the second half of booking time listing slots in the time dropdown list.
E.g. i want to show only “18:00” instead of “18:00 - 18:30”.

By modifying the Booking code directly i’m able to do that by modifying the line 670 of the class-booking.php file from

‘text’ => date_i18n( $time_format, $slot_time ) . ’ - ’ . date_i18n( $time_format, $slot_time + $listing->get_booking_slot_duration() * 60 ),


‘text’ => date_i18n( $time_format, $slot_time ),

But i know that i should not modify the code of the plugin directly otherwise my modifications will be overwritten on a update of the plugin.

So my questions are:

  1. is there a way to modify this in the child theme functions.php file?
  2. If not, because i only have to edit one line, can i edit the plugin code directly and where there will be a plugin update i will edit the new version code by editing the line i need?

Thank you in advance!

Thank you for waiting.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple code snippet to change it, but if you’re familiar with customizations or have a developer for custom work, we can provide some guidance if it helps. A possible solution is to create a custom extension where it will be possible to override the time slot value. Here is a tutorial: Create a custom HivePress extension - Developer Docs. In your case, using only these topics from the tutorial is necessary.

In general, there are these steps:

  • create a custom extension with component and controller
  • create a new route in the controller file like the one you found earlier. In this new custom route, you can make changes which you have written before
  • override the source parameter for the time field in the booking make form with hook hivepress/v1/forms/booking_make in the component file and change the value of this parameter on the route name which you have created in step two

I found a easier way to solve MY problem (for others the process described above by yevhen is the best way).
I set the select from element with ‘options’ => [‘07:00’,‘08:00’,‘08:30’,‘09:00’…], then I will handle the options via script by getting the listing minimum and maximum time.

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