Remove "sort by" field from everywhere

I would like to remove “sort by” drop down field from everywhere. I managed to remove the items from the menu by using the previously posted code, but “sort by” title and the empty menu are still there. Is there any way to get rid of “sort by” field?

Another problem is that after I removed all the filter fields from the left pane of the listing search page, I ended up with the empty space on the left pane. Can I get rid of the left pane from the listing search?

Thank you for you assistance.


Please try this CSS snippet:

.hp-form--listing-sort {display:none!important}

Please note that it can require further customization.

Thank you, Andrii.

Can I get rid of the empty left pane where the filter field was located from the listing search?

Yes, it’s possible with CSS tweaks or overriding the listings template in HivePress/Templates, then you can build a custom layout with or without a sidebar, with a custom number of columns for listings.

Thank you.

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