Removing Title, Location and Description Box from Add Listing page

Hello, need to know how can I disable or remove title, location and description box from add listing page?

As these 3 boxes are mandatory to fill, I don’t want users to fill these details. I want to add other attributes to the form. So need to disable these 3 boxes. Can anybody please let me know how to do it?


  1. It’s not possible to remove title completely from the listings without code changes but you can change its name by using this code Change the Add Details page title for listings #hivepress #listings · GitHub
  2. To make the description optional, please use this code Make the listing description field optional #hivepress #listings · GitHub or remove it Hide the description field in the listing edit form #hivepress #listings · GitHub
  3. To remove location, simply disable the Geolocation add-on in the WP Dashboard > Plugins section

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