Request and listing blocks

I added a request block in my home page. so users can see recent requests from different people but the blocks have different orientations (please see image)

i want them in same size. how do i go about it? and also how to i set a limit to the number of text or words in the title and description to avoid errors and lengthy texts that may alter the block. Thanks alot

  1. Is it possible to create a page for each catergory e.g (a page for handyman) in experthive and how do i go about it.

  2. This how my search button looks like on mobile phone (see image)

can you please help me with a code snippet on how to reduce the size of the search button on mobile or tell me how to do the reduction or change the style of the button on mobile phone. i dont mind if it changes the size on web



  1. This issue occurs because there’s a different number of rows in the request title and details, unfortunately there’s no simple solution for this other than forcing 1 row for the title (for example) and cropping anything that overflows with “…”, this would require CSS changes. Please consider changing the number of columns to 2 or 1, then the request details may fit in most cases.

  2. Each category already has its own page, please click on any category (or click View if you edit a category via back-end), it has the same layout as Lisitngs with an extra header.

  3. Sorry for the inconvenience, this specific change requires CSS customizations and this is beyond our support scope - it includes fixing bugs in the advertised theme features/settings and guidance about its features. If specific design changes beyond the available options (and other resources, e.g. our collection of code snippets) are required please consider hiring someone via Fiverr, or if you’re familiar with CSS basics you can try making these changes by adding snippets to Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS.

Hope this helps.


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